Holy Cross Lutheran Church was started in 1989 as a mission congregation in an area of over 100 square miles of undeveloped farmland and woods.  A Preschool for children ages three to five also began at that time, serving our congregation and community.

Our initial worship facility was completed and dedicated to the glory of God in November 1993.  In November of 2000, a remodeled and expanded facility, including a new sanctuary, was dedicated to the glory of God.  This expansion would not have been possible without the hard work and support of volunteers from Laborers for Christ.

Rev. Robert W. Nowak, was installed in March 1993.  He and his wife, Bonnie, and their children moved here from Lincoln, Nebraska. Pastor Nowak served our congregation faithfully for many years, and he retired from the ministry in 2011.  We then were blessed to be joined in September 2011 by Pastor Rance Settle and his family, coming to us from Rochester, Minnesota. Pastor Settle faithfully served Holy Cross through 2016.  In 2017, by God’s Grace, Pastor Jim Jobst and his wife, Viv, joined us. We are thankful for all of the pastors and church workers that have served at Holy Cross!

Holy Cross has had a great focus on sharing Christ’s Word and love to the world through the years.  Members have organized and participated in mission trips to Kazakhstan and to Haiti, supporting missionaries and congregations in those countries.  Also, several members of our congregation have gone on to careers in church work, including men who currently serve as ordained ministers in the LCMS.

We at Holy Cross acknowledge with deep gratitude that our Lord has chosen us to be his own in Christ Jesus.  We dedicate ourselves and our congregation to carrying out the “Great Commission” of our Savior in our congregation, community and the world, to the best of our God-given abilities and resources. We dedicate ourselves to continued spiritual growth by increasing our efforts in worship, fellowship, witnessing, education, spiritual care and service among God’s people and all of our “neighbors.”