Witnessing & Sharing Jesus …

Matthew 20:1-16: As our Lord tells the parable of the vineyard and the Master’s generosity to the worker who only worked for one hour, we become uncomfortable with the conclusion of the earthly story with a heavenly message: the last shall be first. We tend to lump people into either the “deserving” or the “undeserving” pile. But God doesn’t see things that way. He sees us ALL as “undeserving” in His Kingdom of grace. But He is generous beyond measure. We must not begrudge His generosity but rejoice in it – and reach out abundantly with it. Thanks be to God that He does not and has not and will never give us what we deserve but generously pours out His grace that is greater than our sin to give us eternal life. And we have this message to generously give to the world beyond measure. May the Holy Spirit bless us with the same generosity in our witness to one another so that our fellowship bears witness to His amazing grace time after time after time!

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